Writing Ourselves Healthier…Part 2 | Center for Sport Psychology and Athlete Mental Health
April 24, 2020

Writing Ourselves Healthier…Part 2

On Wednesday, we looked at how expressive writing can help us work through our thoughts and feelings in constructive ways and lead us to feeling better physically and psychologically. Today, we want to introduce a variant of that process, something that also may be healing, but also just simply fun to do.

NPR has created a writing process to help us deal with the grief that we may be experiencing…whether from a loss of a job, a change in our identity, the sickness or death of a loved one, the isolation of working at home…so many different things are challenging us right now! In this process, you have the opportunity to write a poem to express what you are feeling, thinking, experiencing in relation to what you are going through. We know some of you may be thinking…poetry???...that's not for me! Maybe…but what if trying it led to feeling more comfortable and at peace, more present with yourself and your friends, more positive and joyful…would it be worth doing then?

If you are interested, here is the link with all the information:


To make the process even more fun and connecting, make it a team or group activity…have everyone commit to writing something and then sharing it with each other. Have fun with it, bond, laugh, connect, cry…it can be a way to help you be closer to each other while you are still required to be physically apart.

Take are and be #PhysicallyDistantSociallyClose