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Individual Athletes and Performers

Whether you play on a team, such as in soccer, basketball or baseball, or compete individually, such as in tennis, gymnastics or triathlons, athletes sometimes need assistance to help them perform at their best. If your performances are not at the level you expect given your physical training and technical skills or you are not enjoying practices and competitions and find yourself lacking motivation to train, you may benefit from working with one of our sport psychology consultants.

Clinics are interactive presentations that provide in depth knowledge and experience with a wide range of key sport psychology skills and strategies (see below for specific presentations we offer). These clinics can last between 1-hour and several days, and are tailored to help you develop the mental toughness you need to perform at your best in your sport or business.

Although many sport psychology and mental toughness skills can be learned through clinics and group presentations, some athletes/performers prefer working individually with a sport psychology consultant. Through our center, we are able to offer one-on-one sessions with a sport psychology consultant that are individualized to fit your performance needs.