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Teams and Groups

A championship team is more than the sum of its parts…it is greater than the individual players and coaches. A championship team is defined by its ability to seamlessly work together to achieve a common goal. A championship team often exceeds expectations. If your team is not reaching its performance goals, is having difficulty communicating, is lacking leadership, or is unable to function as a cohesive unit, then contact our Center to see how our sport psychology consultants can assist you.

Championship teams do not just happen…they are the result of purposeful planning on the part of coaches and leaders and the commitment of the players and members to common goals. Great teams require selfless commitment on the part of its members, often requiring players to put aside personal gain and glory for the progress and success of the team. If you ever have been part of a great team, you understand what it represents and how special the experience can be. Our sport psychology consultants understand the dynamics of championship teams and have the skills, knowledge and experience to help you develop yours. Whether the focus is on creating a cohesive, functional unit, improving communication among teammates, establishing and nurturing effective leaders, or developing a motivated, focused set of teammates who understand and accept their roles, there are two primary ways we can help: (1) Skills Clinics that can be arranged specifically for your team and delivered in your training environment, or (2) Individual Meetings where a sport psychology consultant works one-on-one with your team to develop the mental skills, communication, cohesion, and leadership needed to reach your performance goals.

Clinics are interactive sport psychology and mental toughness presentations conducted by our sport psychology consultants that provide in depth knowledge and experience with a wide range of key sport psychology skills and strategies, such as effective leadership, working with players and/or parents, and improving performance.

Although your team can benefit greatly from our skills clinics, some teams/groups prefer having a sport psychology consultant work directly with them to design and implement an individualized program of teambuilding.