History, Mission, and Values | Center for Sport Psychology and Athlete Mental Health

History, Mission, and Values

The UNT Center for Sport Psychology and Athlete Mental Health was started in 1998 and over the last decade has become an internationally-recognized leader in the field of sport psychology. Our Center is multidisciplinary, combining knowledge, skills, and expertise from Psychology and Exercise Science to provide comprehensive and individualized sport psychology services, education/training, and research.

The Mission of CSPAMH is to:

  1. provide sport psychology services to athletes, coaches, sport teams, and performers from other disciplines (e.g., Arts) from the university and surrounding community through outreach/consultation, formal workshops, and individual consultations.
  2. offer formal, interdisciplinary training in sport psychology to graduate students as well as coaches, trainers, physical therapists, physicians and any other interested and qualified professionals.
  3. conduct research in sport and exercise psychology and integrate these findings into training and service.
  4. commit to diversity, equity, social justice and inclusion and integrate them fully into our professional services, educational practices, and research endeavors.

CSPAMH Values:
As sport psychology consultants in the Center for Sport Psychology and Athlete Mental Health, how we work, live, and interact with others is based on our five core values:

Teamwork - we commit to creating collaborative environments, where we work together, share experiences, and foster growth and development in all members of performance systems.

Integrity - as we serve others, we uphold the moral standards and ethical principles of our profession. In all of our work and interactions, we are just, respectful, accountable, and intentional.

Authenticity - we bring our true selves to our professional and personal roles. We are genuine, honest and present, demonstrating compassion, vulnerability and care in all we do.

Balance - we embrace the pursuit of success, yet help performers achieve their goals while maximizing their psychological and physical health and well-being. We help performers and ourselves be aware of our different identities, values, and expectations, and recognize how these contribute to success and happiness.

Passion - we bring energy, focus, and our love of competition and performance to our work as we help performers progress toward their goals and improve their psychological well-being.