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The UNT Center for Sport Psychology and Athlete Mental Health’s faculty and graduate students maintain active research programs. Areas of research by the Center’s staff include: physical and psychological health of adolescents; eating disorders and body image; psychological antecedents and consequences of athletic injury; influences of parents, peers, and coaches in youth sport; to name a few. Whether a prospective graduate student or an athlete or coach, we invite you to learn more about our ongoing research projects.

In conducting research, our purpose is to (a) add new knowledge and understanding to specific areas of study, and (b) translate what we learn into new and more effective ways of providing services to the athletes, coaches and parents with whom we work. We encourage you to review our past projects to learn more about our work.

Along with maintaining active research programs, the Center’s faculty and graduate students seek to publish their findings in scientific journals and popular magazines to share what they have learned with other sport psychology professionals, students, and sport participants. We invite you to review the Center’s recent publications.

Current Publications (2009 to Present):

Presentations provide us with the opportunity to share our research findings and ideas with (a) other professionals in order to stimulate new thinking and (b) athletes, coaches, parents, and other sport personnel to help them learn new information and improve their performances. Through attendance at national and international conferences, such as the American Psychological Association, Association for Applied Sport Psychology, and American College of Sports Medicine, to name a few, we present our research to fellow professionals in the field.

Impact of COVID-19 on ​College Student Athletes’ Health, Performance, and ​Psychological Well-Being​ - Released July 8, 2020