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Meet our Sport Psychology Alums

Class of 1996

Doug Hankes, Ph.D.

Current Position: Executive Director, Auburn University Student Counseling & Psychological Services and Auburn Athletics Counseling and Sport Psychology

Contact Information: Email-

Regan Lester Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Class of 1997

Annette Marguerite Helmcamp, Ph.D.

Courtney Ellen Johnson, Ph. D.

Class of 1999

Jonna Lee Barta Ph.D.

David Falkstein Ph.D.

Class of 2000

Bob Harmison, Ph.D.

Current Position: Kibler Professor of Sport Psychology and Director of Sport Psychology, JMU Athletics; James Madison University

Contact Information: Email- ; Websites- ;

Christine L.B. Selby, Ph.D., CEDS, CMPC-E

Current Position: Associate Professor and Director of the Athletic Counseling Master's Program at Springfield College; Licensed Counseling and Sport Psychologist; Certified Eating Disorder Specialist in part-time private practice' Past- President Division 47; Current Council Representative Division 47

Contact Information: Email-; 413-748-3696

Jessica Lea Varnado, Ph.D.

Class of 2001

Shawn Anthony Stoever, Ph.D.

Class of 2002

Michelle Joshua, Ph.D., CMPC-AASP

Current Position: Assistant AD for Mental Health and Performance Psychology at North Carolina State University, Athletics Department

Contact Information: Email- ; Phone Number- 919-513-3320

Margaret Tripp, Ph.D.

Current Position: Private Practice- Sugar Bend Center Individual & Family Wellness

Contact Information: Website-

Class of 2004

Pejcharat Jane Harvey, Ph.D.

Class of 2005

Johnathan Chisholm Wildman, Ph.D.

Class of 2006

Courtney Albinson, Ph.D.

Current Position: Director of Sport and Psychology Services, Northwestern University

Contact Information: Website-

Jennifer W. Bradford, Ph.D.

Current Position: Licensed Psychologist/ Practice Co-Owner - Private Practice Preston Hollow Health & Wellness

Contact Information: Address- 8140 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 320 Dallas, TX 75214; Email- ; Phone Number- 972-863-2232; Website-

Class of 2007

LaTisha Bader, Ph.D.

Current Position: Chief Clinical Officer- Women's Recovery, Private Practice/ Speaking- Unique Counseling and Consulting

Contact Information: Website- ; 720-446-8560

Elizabeth Boyer, Ph.D.

Current Position: Founder, Northwest Performance Psychology PLLC and With Intention LLC, psychologist in independent practice, Seattle, WA

Contact Information: Websites- ; ; Email-

Gretchen Jones Hill, Ph.D.

Current Position: Licensed Psychologist with BRAVE (BRAVE is part of the Defense Health Agency- Virtual Medical Center- Virtual Behaviorial Health), Hill works with active duty military across the world doing therapy and various occupational and administrative evaluations

Contact Information: Emails- ; ; Phone Number- 210-787-9814

Carmen Tebbe-Priebe, Ph.D.

Current Position: Counseling and Sport Psychologist - University of Iowa Athletics, Provate Practice

Contact Information: Website- ; Email-

Class of 2008

Ariane Smith Machin, Ph.D., CMPC

Current Position: Licensed Clinical and Sport Psychologist, NC State University Athletic Department

Contact Information: Email-

Nikel Roger-Wood, Ph.D.

Current Position: Project Director, Research and Development at Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc. (PAR, Inc.)/ Private Practice

Contact Information: Website- ; Emails- ;

Class of 2009

Carly Anderson, Ph.D., LP, CMPC

Current Position: Co-Owner with Justin Anderson, Psy.D., LP, CMPC of Premier Sport Psychology- Private practice in Minneapolis, MN that contracts to provide sport psychology services to several local college athletic departments, pro teams, and USA National Teams.; Director of Sport Psychology Services- University of Minnesota Athletics; Director of Sport Psychology- USA Curling National Team; Co-Director of Sport Psychology- USA Women's Hockey National Team

Contact Information: Website- ; Email-

Kelsey Latimer, Ph.D.

Class of 2010

Megan Brannan, Ph.D.

Current Posittion: Licensed psychologist in private practice.

Contact Information: Office location- 12720 Hillcrest Rd, Suite 320, Dallas, TX 75230 ;Website- ;Email-

Michael (Mike) McFarland, Ph.D

Current Position: Psychologist, private practice, McFarland Psychology, PLLC

Contact Information: Work email- ; home email- ; Phone- 214-533-3772; Office Address- 12720 Hillcrest Road, Suite 320, Dallas, TX 75230

Class of 2011

Christopher M. Bader, Ph.D., LP, CMPC

Current Positions: Assistant Athletic Director for Mental Health & Performance

Erica Force, Ph.D., CMPC

Current Positions: Associate Director CAPS - Athletics, Georgetown University; Mental Performance Specialist- Baltimore Ravens; Private Practice Owner- Force Sport Psychology

Contact Information: Email- ; Website-

Dustin Johnson, Ph.D.

Current Position: Assistant Director for Outreach and Licensed Psychologist at Auburn Univeristy Student Counseling & Psychological Services

Contact Information: Website- ; Email-

Sarah Ramby Phillips, Ph.D.

Current Position: Private Practice Owner: Phillips Psychology, LLC

Contact Information: Website-

Class of 2012

Laura DiPasquale, Ph.D.

Whitney Neal Hasbrouck, Ph.D.

Class of 2014

Harlan Ross Austin, Ph.D.

Nicholas Beck, Ph.D.

Current Postion: Clinical Director at Vive Center for Psychological Services in Greenville, SC

Contact Information: Website- ; Email-

Sara Mitchell, Ph.D.

Troy Rieck, Ph.D., C.Psych.

Current Position: Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, Canadian Mental Health Association and Private Practice

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Class of 2015

Justine Chatterton, Ph.D., LP

Current Position: Faculty Member United Family Medicine Residency- Psychology Advisor/ Behavioral Scientist; Owner and Founder - Collaborative Insights, PLLC (private clinical practice)

Contact Information: Website-

Sally Dockendorf, Ph.D.

Class of 2016

Troy Moles, Ph.D.

Current Position: Director of Counseling and Sport Psychology- Indiana University Athletics

Contact Information: Email-

Joey Ramaeker, Ph.D.

Current Position: Sport Psychology Program Director- University of Norte Dame

Contact Information: Email-

Class of 2017

Thomas TN Nguyen, Ph.D.

Current Position: Neuropsychologist/ Co-Founder Neuropsychology and Behavioral Health Consultants and Neuropsychologist- Neurocognitive Specialty Group

Contact Information: Email-

Shelly Sheinbein, Ph.D.

Current Position: Virtual Psychologist at Crossover Health & Private Practice

Contact Information: Website- ; Email-

Alexander Brian Yu, Ph.D.

Current Position: Owner and Clinical Sport Psychologist of Prevail Performance Counseling PLLC (private practice)

Contact Information: Website- ; Email- ; Area- Northern Virginia/ Washington DC area

Class of 2018

Alex Auerbach, Ph.D.

Current Position: Sr. Director of Wellness & Development, Toronto Raptors

Contact Information: Website- ; Email-

Alan Chu, Ph.D., CMPC

Current Position: Associate Professor of Applied Sport Psychology, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Contact Information: Email-

Kayla Balcom, Ph.D.

Current Position: Director of Sport Psychology for Georgia Tech Athletics; Owner of Balcom Psychological Services, LLC

Contact Information: Website- ; Email- (Currently accepting new virtual patients)

Matt Schumacher, Ph.D.

Current Position: Psychologist, Individual Practice at Dr. Matt Schumacher, LLC

Contact Information: Email- ; Phone number- 206-312-8221

Bailey Tackett, Ph.D.

Current Position: Private Practice

Contact Information:

Alex Thompson, Ph.D., CMPC

Current Position: President & Provider of Be Elite Clinical & Sport Psychology, PLLC; Contract Provider USA Cross Country Ski Team

Contact Information: Website-

Class of 2020

Erin Albert, Ph.D., LP, HSP-P, CMPC ; Pronouns- she/her

Current Position: Counseling and Sport Psychologist, UNT Charlotte CAPS

Contact Information: Email-

Kristina Clevinger, Ph.D.

Current Position: Clinical Operations Supervisor/ Licensed Psychologist at a group practice (Stepping Stone Therapy)

Contact Informattion: Email- ; Website-

Jenna Tomalski, Ph.D., LP, CMPC

Current Position: Mental Health & Performance Clinician, University of Georgia Athletics

Contact Information: Email-

Class of 2021

Stephanie Barrett Gdovin, Ph.D., CMPC

Current Position: Assistant Director of Behavioral Health, Duke University Athletics

Contact Information: Email- ; Website-

Carlie McGregor, Ph.D.

Current Position: Staff Psychologist Embedded in Athletics, University of Notre Dame

Contact Information: Email-

Matt Mikesell, Ph.D., LP, CMPC

Current Position: Licensed psychologist at Premier Sport Psychology

Contact Information: Website- ; Email-

Karolina Shander, Ph.D.

Current Position: Staff Psychologist/ Sport & Performance Psychologist at The Chrysalis Center/ Elevate

Contact Information: Email- ; Website-

Class of 2022

Randi Jackson, Ph.D.

Tess Palmateer, Ph.D.

Current Position: Mental Health Coordinator, New York Mets

J. Andy Walsh, Ph.D., CMPC

Current Position: Clinical and Sport Psychologist, University of Michigan Athletic Department

Contact Information: Email-

Class of 2023

Kelzie E Beebe, M.S., Ph.D., CMPC

Current Position: Assistant Director of Behavioral Science, Kansas City Royals

Contact Information: Email-

Kaleb Cusack, Ph.D.

Current Position: Mental Health Clinician for University of Nevada Athletics

Contact Information: Email-

Heather Kiefer, Ph.D., CMPC

Current Position: Athletic Psychologist, University of Nebraska- Lincoln

Contact Information: Email-

Olivia Knizek, Ph.D.

James Ramarushton, Ph.D.

Current Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow at Sunrise Counseling (Private Practice)

Contact Information: