Mindfulness Monday – Part 3 | Center for Sport Psychology and Athlete Mental Health
April 6, 2020

Mindfulness Monday – Part 3

Last Monday we helped you connect to your environment in a present-focused state. Today, we will go over benefits of writing down thoughts and feelings.

Adults have between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day. Although most are filtered out or do not become part of our conscious awareness, still many remain to which we attend to conduct our lives or to which we attach and cause us distress.

And, in this time of stress and challenge, with us having to navigate and get used to so many new things in our lives, we may be attaching to more and more thoughts that are distressing. For example, you may be worried about the health of loved ones, frustrated with having to stay inside so much, or uncertain about what the future will bring..

Today's exercise will give you a couple minutes to become aware of just how many thoughts cross your mind in a short period. Before you click on the link, have a paper and pen/pencil with you so you can follow the instructions in the video.


How many thoughts did you have? Were you surprised by how many thoughts you had? Were you aware of the type and quality of your thoughts?

The first step in learning how to detach from our thoughts…that is, have a nonjudgmental and nonevaluative relationship with them…is to increase our awareness of them. Over the next week, take a few minutes each day to allow yourself to simply observe your thoughts (just like in the video). When you do, you can record how many you are having in a period of time or write down what you may be thinking. You do not need to share them with anyone, though you can if you want. We just want you increase your awareness of your thoughts in the moment.