Meet our Sport Psychology Consultants

The UNT Center for Sport Psychology consultants are doctoral and master’s students from the Departments of Psychology and KHPR, respectively, who are pursuing their specializations in sport psychology. The consultants provide services to individual athletes, coaches, and sport teams within the UNT Athletic Department and to members of the DFW sport community. Their work is supervised by the Center’s faculty.

Consultants 2018-2019

Name: Stephanie Barrett
Degree: Master of Science in Kinesiology, Concentratin in Sport and Exercise Psychology from University of North Carolina - Greeensboro; Bachelor of Science in Applied Exercise Science from Springfield College
Sport Experience: Collegiate Softball, High School Volleyball and Swimming, Youth Softball Coach, Recreational Distance Running and Skiing
Research Interests: Disordered Eating and Body Image Among Athletes, Performance Enhancement, Psychological and Physiological Benefits of Music Listening During Exercise

Name: Kelzie Beebe
Degree: Master of Science in Education, Concentration in Counseling and Counselor Education, from Indiana University; Master of Science in Kinesiology, Concentration in Applied Sport Science, from Indiana University; Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Physics from Harvard College
Sport Experience: Professional 140.6 and 70.3 Triathlon; Collegiate Soccer and Rowing; High School Soccer and Cross Country; Recreational Swimming, Running, Yoga, and Ice Hockey; Coaching Swimming, Triathlon, Mountain Biking, Trail Running, and SkiMo
Research Interests: Connection between Mental Health Services and Performance Enhancement, LGBTQ Athletes

Name: Courtney Cox
Degree: Pursuing Master of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis on the psychosocial aspects of sport from The University of North Texas; Bachelor of Science with Honors in Psychology from Morgan State University
Sport Experience: Collegiate- Women’s Basketball; Intramural- Basketball; High School – Basketball, Softball, Track and Field and Swim team; Personal Training, American Kenpo and Tae kwon Do
Research Interests: Grit, Mindsets, Performance Enhancement, Transitions out of sport, Motor Behavior/Learning, and Motor Development in relation to sport on future mental health outcomes (internalizing behavior) in diverse populations (elite, IDD). As well as the role technology can play in enhancing motor learning/mental skills

Name: Kaleb Cusack
Degree: Master of Arts in Psychological Sciences from James Madison University; Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Minor in Coaching Science from Oklahoma State University
Sport Experience: Collegiate football; High school football, basketball, track and field
Research Interests:  Mental Skills Training, Motivation, Athletic Injury and Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Adherence

Name: Megan Drew
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Missouri State University
Sport Experience: Collegiate Field Hockey; High School Field Hockey, Lacrosse, and Basketball; High School Field Hockey and Lacrosse Coach
Research Interests: Athlete Mental Health; Performance Enhancement; Coach-Athlete Relationship; Transition out of Sport


Name: Randi Jackson
Degree: Master of Science in Organizational Leadership from Robert Morris University; Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Concentration in Sport and Performance from Robert Morris University
Sport Experience: Collegiate and High School Basketball, High School Track & Field, Competitive Soccer, Basketball Coach
Research Interests:  Performance Enhancement, Athletic Identity, Coach-Athlete Relationships, Transition out of Sport

Name: Heather Kiefer
Degree: Master of Science in Sport and Performance Psychology from Florida State University; Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Minor in Criminal Justice from James Madison University
Sport Experience: Collegiate Softball, Competitive Power Lifting, Personal Training
Research Interests: Student Athlete Mental Health, Transition/Retirement out of Sport, and Mental Health Help Seeking Behaviors 

Name: Olivia Knizek
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology from University of California, San Diego and Master of Science in Psychology from Arizona State University
Sport Experience: Collegiate Rowing; High School Water Polo and Swimming
Research Interests: The retirement transition from sport, injury resiliency, Mindfulness Interventions, Performance Enhancement

Name: Dalton Mack
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Rutgers University (New Brunswick)
Sport Experience: High School Cross Country, Track, Baseball; Intramural Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball
Research Interests: Athletic Injury and Recovery, Transition out of Sport, Coping with Performance Anxiety


Name: Carlie McGregor
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from University of New Mexico
Sport Experience: Collegiate Swimming, Competitive Swimming, Recreational Running and Swimming, Speaking/Presentation Performance
Research Interests: Body Image and Dysmorphia, Disordered Eating, Performance Enhancement, and Transition out of Sport

Name: Matt Mikesell
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with minor in Coaching from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, Master of Art in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Denver
Sport Experience: Collegiate Soccer, Collegiate Track & Field, High School Basketball, Coaching Soccer
Research Interests: Body Image and Eating Disorders with Athletes, Career Transition/Termination, Coach/Athlete Relationship, Resiliency

Name: Tess Palmateer
Degree: Master of Science in Exercise Science (Sport Psychology) from the University of Toronto, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Honours) from Brock University.
Sport Experience: Collegiate Volleyball; Club Soccer, Indoor Volleyball, and Beach Volleyball; High School Golf, Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, and Cross Country
Research Interests: Mental Health in Athletes, Ethical Considerations and Boundaries Between Sport Psychology Consultants and Athlete Clients, Interpersonal Emotion Regulation

Name: James Rushton
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania
Sport Experience: Collegiate and High School Soccer
Research Interests: Mental Skills Training, Athlete Mental Health, Motivation, Coach-Athlete Relationships.

Name: Andy Walsh
Degree: Master of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sport & Exercise Psychology from Ball State University; Master of Arts in Counseling from Ball State University; Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Wabash College
Sport Experience: High School and Collegiate Football, Basketball, and Track
Research Interests: Athletic Identity; Spirituality in Sport; Masculinity; Personality in Sport; Burnout
Name: Karolina Wartalowicz
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from University of Iowa.
Sport Experience: High School and Collegiate Swimming, Coach for Swimming and Diving
Research Interests: Mental Training and Coping Skills for College and Elite Athletes, Implications of Retirement from Sport, Performance Enhancement