Team/Group Sport Psychology Consultation

Cost: starting at $250.00 for intake meeting*
Although your team can benefit greatly from our skills clinics, some teams/groups prefer having a sport psychology consultant work directly with them to design and implement an individualized program of teambuilding. Whether your team is trying to build on its existing strengths, is under performing and wants to improve how they work together, or is experiencing ineffective leadership and poor communication, our sport psychology consultants can develop a program that will address your team’s needs and help you reach your performance goals.

Team/group sport psychology consultations are individualized to fit your needs, so the exact amount of time our sport psychology consultants spend with you will vary. In some instances, our sport psychology consultants would meet with your team/group on an infrequent basis, but in most cases, we would take a long-term approach in our work, embedding ourselves with your team/group for an agreed upon length of team (e.g., season). During this time, the sport psychology consultant would attend practices/meetings, observe competitions or other sports performances, hold individual meetings with team members and coaches/leaders, provide teambuilding experiences, and travel with the team if possible.

* The cost of an ongoing consultation with a team is determined based on several factors, including:

  • the consultant with whom you work
  • # of members in your team/group
  • materials provided
  • agreed upon length of consultation
  • # of hours each week spent with team/group

For consultation meetings held outside of the Center for Sport Psychology and Performance Excellence offices, travel expenses also will be assessed. To develop a game plan (and fee structure) for how we would work with your team, an intake meeting with a sport psychology consultant is required. These meetings generally last 90-120 minutes; the fee is $250.00. If the initial evaluation process takes longer than two hours, the fee is $150.00 for each subsequent hour.

For more information about team consultations please contact us:

Phone: 940-369-SPORT (7767)