Sport Psychology Skills Clinics for Teams and Groups

Cost: starting at $300.00*
Clinics are interactive sport psychology and mental toughness presentations conducted by our sport psychology consultants that provide in depth knowledge and experience with a wide range of key sport psychology skills and strategies, such as effective leadership, working with players and/or parents, and improving performance.

 These sport psychology and mental toughness clinics can last between 1-hour and several days, and are tailored to help your team/group improve its performance. In each clinic, through lecture, discussion and activities, the team/group will be introduced to the strategy/topic, given the opportunity to practice it with the assistance of a sport psychology consultant, and provided with materials to help them effectively implement the strategy/approach on their own outside of the clinic. Overall, the goal of the sport psychology and mental toughness clinics are to provide the team with practical, real-world strategies so they can make the performance improvements they desire.

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Presentation Topics:

Pre-performance Routines: Setting the stage for success
In this clinic, your team will learn the fundamentals of pre-performance routines and gain knowledge of how these routines can assist them in increasing their confidence, concentration, anxiety control, and consistency. Teams will have the opportunity to construct their own routine so they can perform at an optimal level in their sport or other performance domain.

Championship Goals: Targeting success
In this clinic, your team will learn how to effectively set and achieve their goals. Teams will have the opportunity to create their own goals for the year, season, month, big competitions, and/or everyday practice. Specific emphasis will be placed on the development of strategies for helping athlete/performers achieve their goals.

Imagery: What your mind believes your body achieves
In this clinic, your team will be introduced to imagery and the different ways in which it can be used to improve performance, recover from injury, learn new skills, and cope with stress. During the clinic, teams will be able to develop imagery scripts for their specific situations to help enhance performances.

Confidence through positive thinking
In this clinic, your team will learn how to effectively control a major component of confidence - self-talk. Teams will be introduced to the value of positive self-talk and trained on how to incorporate it into their everyday performances and practice. In addition, teams will be taught the importance of handling their own negative dialogue, which often enters our minds during critical situations.

Emotional Control: Finding the “Go Zone”
This clinic will teach your team about the effects of physiological, cognitive and emotional arousal on performance. An emphasis is placed on helping teams understand and identify their own "go zone," so they understand the emotions, thoughts and physical feelings associated with peak performance. Teams will learn techniques on how to get into their own "go zone."

Attentional Focus: What’s important right now?
In this clinic, your team will be introduced to the importance of concentration in achieving performance excellence. Teams will learn about a multi-factor system for conceptualizing attention and how understanding attention from this perspective can help them learn how to control their focus so they may achieve performance excellence.

Developing effective team cohesion and communication
In this clinic, your team will learn how effective communication is the foundation of a cohesive and productive team. Topics for this clinic can include: development and acceptance of team roles, development and acceptance of team goals, effective communication, and building trust.

Creating a win-win between coaches/leaders and athletes/performers
This clinic is designed enhance the relationship between coaches and their players for the benefit of the larger unit (i.e., team). Teams will learn proactive strategies to enhance communication and uncover what may be interfering with team cohesion. In addition, teams will have the opportunity to discuss their specific concerns/challenges in an open forum and receive feedback on how they might successfully address these challenges.