Sport Psychology Newsletters

Covering issues ranging from mental toughness, to preparing for the big competition, to successfully managing stress, to interviews with elite athletes and professional sport psychologists, each newsletter provides 2-4 articles on important and relevant sport psychology topics. The articles are written for athletes, coaches, and parents, and provide ideas that can be put into practice to improve ones performance and enjoyment. Each newsletter is available as a .pdf and we encourage you to download and/or print them and share with your colleagues, friends, and family.

Sport Psychology Newsletters
Below are links to the pdfs that contain our sport psychology newsletters. These newsletters are available to you at no cost and we encourage you to download and/or print them, share them with friends, colleagues, and family, and use the information to your advantage to improve your training and performances.

Each Newsletter contains 2-4 articles that comprehensively examine different sport psychology skills and topics as they relate to sport. Below we outline the content of each newsletter so you can determine which ones you want to read in more depth. We hope you find these helpful.

Volume 9, Issue 1
     - Mental toughness at the high school level: How sport psychology consultants can get
     - Individual, team, and organizational consultations at high school level: What coaches
       should know
     - Helping high school student-athletes gain life skills.

Volume 8, Issue 2:
     - A review of legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden's Pyramid of Success and
       how it describes success in life and sport.
     - Coaching tips for creating a positive youth sport experience: gives practical tips on
       how youth sport coaches can create a fun atmosphere for young athletes.

Volume 8, Issue 1:
      - Q and A with Canada's Greatest Female Gymnast: An interview with Kate Richardson,
        2000 & 2004 Olympian. Discussion of incorporating mental skills into her athletic
     - An interview with Kirsten Peterson, Ph.D., resident USOC sport psychology consultant
       at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center since 1996. Discussion of the unique
       challenges involved in consulting Olympic athletes.

Volume 7, Issue 2:
     - Sport Psych-- It's Not Just For Athletes Anymore: A look at the burgeoning field of
       Sport Psychology
     - The "Go Zone:" Peak Performance and Optimal Arousal: What are the zones, and
       how to transition between them.

Volume 7, Issue 1:
     - Anger in American Sport: How can we manage it?
     - Manage your stress to maintain your performance.

Volume 6, Issue 2:
     - Developing a Winning Program: An interview with Ken Purcell, Denton Independent
       School Districts AD. Discussion of ethics and creating a winning high school program
       for athletes in sports and academics.
     - A matter of coaching ethics and good decision making.

Volume 6, Issue 1:
     - The mentally tough athlete: What makes the difference and often separates people
       of equal talent and skill is mental toughness.
     - Effective Coaching Behavior

Volume 5, Issue 2:
     - Emotional profiling and athletic performance: An interview with Dr. Bob Harmison
     - Trusting your Sport Psychologist

Volume 5, Issue 1:
     - Sport Psychology Conulting at the Olympic Games: Lessons Learned (A panel of SPs
       from the Winter games discuss what they did and what they learned while consulting
       at the games).
     - Getting it on with the Media (Discussion of how to handle media pressures as an
       athlete and as a SP)

Volume 4, Issue 2:
     - Psychology of Injury: What increases athletes’ risks
     - The psychology of injury: Progression and prevention
     - The road to recover: Psychological reactions to and recovery from injury.

Volume 4, Issue 1:
     - Eating related problems among athletes. Discussion of eating disorders and how to
       spot and help athletes with them
     - The psychology of weight training: UNT strength coach Chris Seroka offers his views.
     - Sports Nutrition Basics

Volume 3, Issue 2:
     - Fun is #1 in Youth Sports
     - Sharing the Playing Field: Establishing positive coach-parent relationships
     - What can we learn from the World’s Greatest Athletes? (Confidence, Control,
       Concentration, Consistency, Cohesion)

Volume 3, Issue 1:
     - Project Score: Building success in school, sports, and life.
     - Achieving Success Through Commitment and Trust.
     - Learning the Ropes on Adventure Challenge Courses

Volume 2, Issue 3:
     - Grading yourself as a coach: Moving beyond wins and losses.
     - Eliminate Fear Before it eliminates you
     - The Experts talk about winning (Panel discussion on strategies for winning).

Volume 2, Issue 2:
     - The physical and mental preparation of the world’s greatest athlete. Discussion with
       and about Dan O’Brien’s training program.
     - Preparing for the big competition or game.
     - Pay Attention! Clarity of Focus for Performance Success.

Volume 2, Issue 1:
     - Setting goals for success: The SMARTEST system
     - Keeping motivation in the game
     - Coaches Corner: Interview with Darrell Dickey. Interview with UNT’s head football

Volume 1, Issue 1:
     - Why do I need sport psychology?
     - Persistence, it keeps on going and going? Discussing persistent effort in sport.
     - Coaches Corner: Interview with Tina Slinker. Interview with a coach about her team
       and experience in coaching.