Writing Ourselves Healthier | Center for Sport Psychology and Athlete Mental Health
April 22, 2020

Writing Ourselves Healthier

Expressive writing is a form of communicating our inner thoughts and feeling that has been pioneered by social psychologist Dr. James Pennebaker. Through scientific study, Pennebaker and colleagues have demonstrated how the process of expressing our feelings, more so than describing what has occurred, can lead to higher levels of physical and psychological well-being. To learn more about expressive writing and listen to Dr. Pennebaker:


For some us, though, the idea of writing…of expressing the feelings we are having in relation to all that we are experiencing can seem overwhelming. Yet, that is the point…by focusing on something that has occurred in our lives, something that has been a source of grief, anxiety, trauma, discomfort, and then writing about what we feel is what can be transformative.

Expressive writing is not like running a marathon…one big event you do once in your life! It's more like going out for a walk every day, something purposeful that you choose to do because you know it can help you both now and in the future. So, during these challenging times through which we are going, you might try expressive writing as another means of coping and acknowledging and coming to peace with your thoughts and feelings.

Take care and be #PhysicallyDistantSociallyClose