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Individual Sport Psychology Consultation

Although many sport psychology and mental toughness skills can be learned through clinics and group presentations, some athletes/performers prefer working individually with a sport psychology consultant. Through our center, we are able to offer one-on-one sessions with a sport psychology consultant that are individualized to fit your performance needs. Whether you are seeking to maximize an already high level of performance, are underperforming and want to improve, or are dealing with personal issues that interfere with your satisfaction or success, these meetings provide you with the opportunity to discuss your situation in more depth and receive individualized solutions.

Individual meetings with a sport psychology consultant generally occur on a once per week basis, though the frequency of meetings will depend on your situation and needs. Meetings usually are held in our Center, though your sport psychology consultant may want to meet with you in your performance domain to directly observe your performance. Although the actual time of each meeting may vary, it generally will last one hour.

* The cost of ongoing individual consultations are determined based on several factors, including:
- the sport psychology consultant with whom you work
- materials provided
- agreed upon length of consultation
- # of hours each week spent with you

For sport psychology consultation meetings held outside of the Center's offices, travel expenses also will be assessed. We can provide general information about our services on the phone, but to develop a plan of action for you, we require an intake meeting with one of our sport psychology consultants. These meetings generally last 60-90 minutes.

For more information about individual consultations please contact us:
Phone: 940-369-SPORT (7767)

To learn more about our services, watch our introductory video