UNT Center for Sport Psychology Releases Research Report on College Student Athletes’ Psychological Health and Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic hit college and university campuses in early March 2020, which resulted in the closing down of campuses and housing, sending countless students to live with family, friends, and others, and altering the manner in which their classes were delivered and experienced. On March 12, 2020, the NCAA cancelled all collegiate sports for the remainder of the school year leaving student-athletes’ identities shaken. We recognized that athletes would experience the same general stressors as all college students, plus many that were unique to their roles and responsibilities as athletes at their schools. Further, when some student-athletes return to campus, they will be required to take on a level of risk through their sport participation that other students will be able to minimize through physical distancing and remote learning. Given these circumstances, we designed a study to track this unique group of college students over the course of 12-months to better understand how these events will impact immediate and long-term impacts on their coping and psychological well-being, health, and performance.

Please use the following link to view our results from baseline data collection (April 10-May 23, 2020): https://sportpsych.unt.edu/impact-covid-19-college-student-athletes%E2%80%99-health-performance-and-psychological-well-being