A Moment of Compassion

Every day there seems to be something new we are being asked to manage, navigate, cope with…perhaps from work, school, family, or just what is going on around us in our society.  And, in these moments, we may have thoughts and feelings and even physical sensations that can seem overwhelming.  We might feel anxious or worried about something at work, or sad about missing out on seeing our friends in person, or frustrated that something has not gone the way we wanted it to. 

All of these thoughts, feelings and sensations are normal…they are just part of us…yet they do not define us.  Although they are not permanent, we can become attached to them and when we do, they stay with us, often in ways that are not helpful (even damaging).  Sometimes we may even become more frustrated with ourselves because we are having the thought or feeling…which can make it harder for us.

Self-compassion, as we have discussed in our past tips, represents a new way of being with, and relating to, ourselves.  It is a way for us to observe our thoughts and feelings without judgment and evaluation and to interact with ourselves from a place of kindness, rather than criticism.  Learning to do this, though, takes time and practice…and, as we do, we may feel more grounded and centered and able to just ‘be’ with what is happening. 

You can use this link to access a self-compassion meditation that you may find helpful and enjoyable…just give yourself permission to just focus on yourself for a moment.