Bell Let's Talk

At all levels of sport, up through the Olympics and professional leagues, athletes face and overcome many challenges and obstacles and endure countless hours of training to prepare themselves to be their physical best.  And through these trials and tribulations and their incredible performances, they often create a perception of invincibility…that athletes are tougher and more resilient.  They are unlike nonathletes…they can take whatever comes their way with no complaints, no acknowledgement of their pain and suffering.  Yet, what we’ve learned, through the courageous disclosures of athletes such as Kevin Love, Serena Williams, Michael Phelps, and Brandon Marshall, to name just a few, is that athletes experience a pain that they no longer want to keep to themselves…they experience mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders, that affect them as people and as performers.  Through these athletes’ stories, the stigma of mental health is lessened as we learn that if even our modern day heroes are acknowledging, and seeking help for, their concerns, so too can everyone.  The UNT Center for Sport Psychology encourages athletes and coaches, and all those people who love and interact with them, to attend to and talk about mental health.  Join Bell Canada and other organizations as they help all of us move beyond the stigma and into a place where we can talk openly with, and support, each other around these issues.