Association for Applied Sport Psychology Grant

One of our fourth year students, Tess Palmateer, and Dr. Trent Petrie were awarded a research grant for their study, "Mental Health Screening of Student Athletes within NCAA Athletic Departments". We are proud to share that this was the largest grant of six grants awarded this year by the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. The purpose of this study is to better understand how NCAA institutions are implementing mental health screening and following up with athletes who are identified as “at-risk". More specifically, our study will address: a) What is the process of identifying student athletes as “at-risk”? b) How are at-risk student-athletes followed-up with after being identified? c) What are some of the barriers being faced specific to mental health screening? We are nearly ready to begin data collection by inviting senior administrators from all NCAA athletic departments who oversee student athlete health and wellness via email to complete our survey!