AASP Presentations

Our research team has been busy! We had the opportunity to present some of our work at the Association for Applied Sport Psychology Annual Conference from October 23-26, 2019. Here is the research we shared:

Eating Disorder of Early Adolescent Athletes: Racial/Ethnic Identity and Psychosocial Predictors (Randi Jackson, Carlie McGregor, Olivia Knizek, Trent Petrie, Christy Greenleaf, & Scott Martin)

Achievement Motivation and Grit Among Collegiate Athletes (Erin Albert, Whitney Moore, & Trent Petrie)

Exploring the Relationship Between Rehabilitation Adherence and the Motivational Climate Created by Athletic Trainers Using a Mixed Methods Approach (Kaleb Cusack, Robert Harmison, & James Rushton)

The Psychosocial Correlates of Bulimic Symptomatology Among Retired Female Athletes (Stephanie Barrett, Trent Petrie, & Alex Thompson)

Sport Psychology Students’ Perceptions of Sport Psychology 

Professionals’ Sexual Attractions Toward Them (Tess Palmateer, Nick Magera, Andy Walsh, & Trent Petrie)

Sexual and Nonsexual Boundary Crossing Among Sport Psychology Graduate Students (Heather Kiefer, Karolina Wartalowicz, Megan Drew, Randi Jackson, & Trent Petrie)

Improving Athletes’ Confidence and Mindset Post-ACL Reconstructive Surgery (Jenna Tomalski & Trent Petrie)

Fitness and Physical Activity as Predictors of Female Middle School Students’ Academic Performance (Karolina Wartalowicz, Heather Kiefer, Trent Petrie, Kaleb Cusack, Randi Jackson, Christy Greenleaf, & Scott Martin)

Male Middle School Students’ Academic Performance in Math and Reading: A Longitudinal Study of Fitness and Physical Activity (Karolina Wartalowicz, Randi Jackson, Trent Petrie, Heather Kiefer, Kaleb Cusack, Christy Greenleaf, & Scott Martin)